01 June 2008

The Gaya Street Fair.

The weekly Gaya Street Fair is a familiar event which is held every Sunday along Gaya Street or situated in the old KK area as it's fondly called, organized and managed by the Dewan Bandaraya Kota Kinabalu.

Actually if you asked me, I'll say it's more of an open market concept where you'll find variety of items from ordinary kitchen wares to gardening utensils, live fish, flowers, handicrafts, pets, trinkets, second hand items like books and anything that are allowed to be sold here.

Some people say that if you want to find something strange and not found in any of the shops, come to Gaya Street. So rain or shine it's there every Sunday without fail.

Even on a Sunday, certain part of KK are best avoided if possible.

The 'gate' at the entrance to the Gaya Street Fair.

Much as I disliked of crowded place, I'll give this place an exception for the sole reason because it's an interesting place to be.

You'll see people of different shapes, sizes and race.

Locals or foreigners.

A band of 'special people' performing live music for a donation drive.

Reflexology treatment for those who can stand the pain and the tickle.

Local agriculture produce.

Local fruits.

Medicinal herbs.

Local handicrafts.

Wind chimes made of bamboo and coconut shell.

These are some of the strange items I mentioned just now.

Ahh, these guys are choosing which ornamental rings to buy.

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