03 June 2008

Kampung Boy.

They say rural kids lagged from city kids in terms of education and other recreational facilities. Maybe so but we do have high achievers and some, if not most of our leaders, originated from the kampungs. Ok, I am not going to write long and boring stuff which might sleep induced you in no time.

What I actually wanted to share with you all today is what I have actually seen with my own eyes and I must admit that it did made me felt a bit jealous. I thought riding my "chopper" ( you know, the smaller wheel at the front with a larger wheel at the rear) bicycle in my teens was a cool stuff then and here the kids actually went steps further.

Hey, the rider may be in his early teens but seeing what he's doing with the bike and at off road area, the only thing I said to him was to ride carefully.

While some kids 'rempit' in the cities, this boy helps his family in the farm.

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