27 June 2008

Photos on Tambunan - Part 1

Of all the places I have gone to during my outstation trips, I like Tambunan the most. It's a small town in the interior located along the Crocker Range. People there are friendly and it have lots of interesting places to go if you know where to look.

Bird's eye view of Kg. Sunsuron.

Padi fields at Kg. Sunsuron.

Entrance to Masakob waterfall at KK-Tambunan Road.

Some parts of the main road are covered in mist depending on weather.

Can be quite tricky for those who are not familiar with this condition.

The Nurul Iman mosque.

Entrance to Kem Tanaki, one of the many National Training camps in the country.

Small town maybe but with a golf course

A modern sports complex.

Monument located right in front of the market square.

A familiar scene on every Thursday where the weekly bazaar is held.

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