06 June 2008

Down for a few days.

Sorry for keeping quiet the last few days. You see I was down with the flu and which was made worse when the announcement about the new fuel price two days ago.

Beside blogging which I an doing part time just for the fun of it while making new acquaintances out there in blogosphere, I am a just an ordinary salary earning man. I am already finding it hard to juggle my finance to keep above water, now they have to throw this 'bad news' at me. Poor me, poor to all the Malaysians who suffers the same predicament as me.

Oh yes! They do have that special 'rebate' for car owners of 2000 cc below engine capacity. Yes, that would help me to settle I month instalment. Sure that would help but my fever still won't go away. Why? Owww....


  1. pok kam,

    Love your photos.Good way to promote Sabah.

    On the subject of fuel,sure painful for everybody,just have to tighten our belt a bit more.

    You heard Pak Lah he said no more increase this year, just watch out, he is not very good at keeping his word.

  2. Dear Hantu Laut,

    Thanks for your comment.

    Oh he's already done it a few times already (not keeping his words.)


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