03 July 2008

Daylight Robbery.

I have heard stories from friends of how unscrupulous people are manipulating and taking advantage of the present situation in the country to their advantage.

I am referring to the Government assistance meant to help our farmers and fishermen through subsidies. I did not take much notice about it until this article from Rocky's Bru.

Besides that, I have also heard how certain people are taking advantage through loop holes, to buy subsidized fuel meant for fishermen (nelayan pesisir) with inside help. All that you need to do is to buy an engine or borrowed (at least 15hp - subsidy amount will be based on the engine horse power capacity), a boat and other necessary equipments. Take few photo shots and attached this with your application.

Once the application has been approved and you have an instant fisherman whom will be eligible to purchase fuel at at cheap subsidized price on daily basis. Some even sold off surplus to earn extra money.

Crooks will always be among us so it seem. Maybe there are loop are holes the authorities need to check and plug immediately?

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  1. pok kam,

    I am against even subsidy for fishermen because this people are just as crooked as some of our politicians.

    Most subsidised fuel smuggled to neigbouring country came from them and the like of them.

    Why should they be subsidised, they sell their catch at higher price to the consumers which means they are compensated twice ,cheaper fuel and higher price for their fish.

    The government are wasting taxpayers money to please this group of people.

    They should standardise the price for all,otherwise the smuggling will not cease.


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