22 July 2008

A Night Out In KK.

Tonight we went out for dinner with an European guest whom wanted to eat seafood but with different surrounding. So we suggested he should try this place.

It's an open air food stall located near the Sinsuran area in the city center of Kota Kinabalu. It has another name among the locals as 'Pasar Pilipin' where majority of the stall operators are either Indonesians or Philipinos while the rest are locals. I don't want to dwell how they managed to obtain the license to operate or whether they 'ali babaed' from the locals, suffice to say that's how it has been all these years.

It did not have the proper ambience you would expect from a food stall but it does provides the basic needs. Besides the locals, the usual Indonesians and Philipinos who used to pratonized this place, there were also foreign tourists.

Our guest liked this place so that was that and we had our dinner there. The price of the food was quite reasonable. For people who are crazy about sea food maybe they should try this place if they found the conventional restaurants too expennsive.


  1. This looks simple business really? Not really it can be made sophisticated to challenge the upper market with midas touch. It isn't cheap eating here don't be misled by the look. Now you can also see why they prepared to die in Sabah.

  2. Dear Amde,

    All they need is a place like the Anjung Selera surrounding, upgrade their menus and they can beat the market anytime.

    My friend said the food there is way cheaper than in Semenanjung. Why can't we be as enterprising like them. Too much hard work? Sigh ....


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