07 July 2008

Rock Band Caused Near Riot.

I read this article published in Berita Harian today and I must say the guy is really a nut case and at the same time felt pity for his ignorance or just plain stupidity. The lyrics, the body language exhibited in front of the crowd was too much I think that they let loose their anger at him and almost cause a near riot. He's lucky to be still in one piece. However, I am against this type of reaction from the crowd altogether.
The lead singer should have realized that he was not in a rock show. He was in the wrong crowd at the wrong time. What was he thinking anyway when he decided to show off this kind of bad showmanship. And what kind of name is Karburetor Dung for a band anyway? Wrong showmanship and wrong name for a band in a protest crowd against fuel price hike.
To swagger and show off your butt in front of the PKR and PAS crowd nowadays is a big NO-NO. On any given day this kind of behaviour would probably be only given the 'slap on the wrist' type of reprimand but not on that day bro'.
And karburetor dung or 'taik kaburetor' in plain translation is something that will cause your car to sputter and stop in the middle of traffic jams not to mention it may cause your car to guzzle fuel like you would not believe. Wrong time to have dung in your carburetor in these bad times when fuel price is on the rise.
Let's hope the moron learned his lesson from that mistake and not to repeat them again in the future. Anyway, it's not our culture to show off your ass (no pun intended) and your underwear( was that pink coloured? The photo in the daily was not that clear).


  1. These people think they are in woodstock or other functions..

    They forget this is a JOM PROTES carnival than is being attended by kids, families and religious people too...

  2. the people should know..the event is not about "funny home video". very shy.


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