01 July 2008

Window XP Deadline Approaches: June 30

I would like to share this interesting article that I received on my e-mail and are especially for those of you (myself included) which still use the trustworthy Windows XP.

Had my first experience last night when my pc suddenly crashed and only had it working again this morning with the help of a friend. Read on....

Windows XP Deadline Approaches: June 30Windows XP Deadline Approaches: June 30
by Bill Lindner

Microsoft June 30, 2008 is the day Microsoft is slated to discontinue Windows XP tomake way for a new era in operating systems -- start bars will give way to wonky buttons and a refreshed design, stable operation will give way to frequent crashing, and XP will die at the hands of a misguided killer:Microsoft. (Source: itworld.com) While Microsoft will have you believeVista isn't so bad and it's the next ... ...

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