09 August 2008

Uniquely Sabah.

When you are driving down the roads in the interior or the rural parts of Sabah, you may stumble upon stalls with farm produce on display but the owners are nowhere to be found.

Unfortunately when I took these photographs there was not much items available. They have only the plants with pungent smell the locals here called 'Tuhau' and some highland cabbage. If you decide to purchase but the owner are not there, don't despair.

They had their price tag ready and written clearly

All that you need to do if you decides to make a purchase, you pay the amount by putting the cash into the slot on top of the box and your transaction is complete.

What Will happen If You Don't Pay?

I don't know as I never tried taking without paying. Come on. These are poor farmers. They can't be there to man their stalls all day while there's work to do at their farms. They had placed their trust in you to pay and a good Sabahan will always pay.

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