20 September 2008

The 19th day of Ramadhan.

Today is the 19th day of Ramadan and God willing, we'll be celebrating the Hari Raya Puasa in another 11 days.

I was hopeful from the first day of this auspicious month that we will be seeing and hearing less of political rhetorics or at least the opposing parties will give it a rest, even though for only 30 days, out of respect for the month of Ramadan. Unfortunately though this was not to be.

Instead, we are being showered with almost non-stop disturbing news and events from both sides of the camps that dampens the mood the Ramadan supposed to instill. Go around town or the shopping malls and the crowds are really different this year. While the festivities mood are still there, it is not as merrier as the previous years. The political uncertainties made sombre the mood not usually seen in the month of Ramadan.

This year's Hari Raya are also witnessing prices of most of the essential goods and other services have shot up beyond the imagination of the normal rakyat. To spend unnecessarily this year will be a foolhardy thing to do.

So are the Hari Raya holidays going to be as merrier as the years before? I guess it may still be possible if we learn to be grateful of what we still have and not yearn for more that is beyond our mean. If we stick to this principal than we will still be able to celebrate it though modestly and which should be the way.

Today is only the 19th day of the Ramadan and we are already seeing so much and I sometimes dread to think what the remaining 11 might have to offer.

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  1. Aslkm, I don't see you since we last met, or may be I couldn't recognise you at night time.
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    salam, amde


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