23 September 2008

Balik Kampung Fare.

I was doing my friend a favour this afternoon by driving him to the central bus terminal in Inanam.

It is such a busy place during the day where parking space is scarce. He wanted to book in advance his bus tickets for the balik kampung trip this coming Raya holiday.

What initially was a well thought idea to save money by utilising the public transport turns out otherwise. He got the shock of his life when a round trip this time will cost him a whopping RM600.00 for four heads which sadly in the end he decided it will be much cheaper by using his own transport.

A round trip by using your own transport from KK to Semporna will only cost you around RM250.00 the most.

Really, with subsidized fuel, the bus companies should at least be considerate and practical when increasing their fares. I think for this year Raya holiday will see the roads full and busy.

My wish for this Hari Raya then is to see and hear less incident of fatal accidents.

I wonder whether this a Promosi Hari Raya Fare which the relevant authorities is not aware of.

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