01 September 2008

Fatwa on Praying In Cars.

Here is an interesting article I found from the WorldFutures.info for your reading pleasure. I am not sure whether a similar edict or fatwa is in existence in our country.

Anyway, with the method of praying given to our astronaut Dr. Sheik Muzzafar during his space voyage, then this edict by the Dubai Department of Islamic Affair does not come as strange.

By Khaleej Times
Monday, 01 September 2008

DUBAI - Muslims who get stuck in traffic jams can offer their salaat (prayer) inside cars, according to a fatwa, or religious edict, issued by Islamic scholars in Dubai.

Confirming this, Dr Ahmed Al Hadad, Senior Mufti at the Dubai Department of Islamic Affairs and Charitable Activities, said the fatwa applies not only to drivers, but passengers as well, especially those who use company transports.

Those who get stuck in traffic can park their vehicles aside and pray on the sands, Dr Al Hadad said. They can also pray while sitting behind the wheel, he added. The Mufti said Muslims should not accumulate all the prayers to perform at one time in the day.

Practical so long as the vehicle remain stationary for a period of time enough to complete a prayer session.

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