16 September 2008

Hello! I have a unique visitor.

It seems that the authorities were true to their words. It is either I have a reader from the Police Department or that they have now started to monitor the bloggers in this country. Observe here will show that they entered my site directly without any referal.

I assumed at this juncture, they limit their monitoring to the SoPo bloggers only. (Come to think of it I do not know in what category my weblog lies.)

Anyway, after the Raja Petra saga I am not a bit surprise anymore. Still I am flattered they made a visit to my site although I am a tad dissapointed they did not stay longer for tea. Sigh, my weblog must be very boring. Anyway thanks for visiting guys (or gals). : )

P/S - Hope this may not deter those who writes for the truth and justice. As long as you draw a line and excercise self censorship in what you write, things will remain peachy. ; )

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