29 September 2008

Samples of music (and tips) for my balik kampung trip.

Yes, tomorrow begins my long way drive to Semporna (about 400km in all) for the Hari Raya holidays. It's not like driving in the good condition highways in Semenjanung.

To keep me from dozing off at the wheel, I will take several of my favourite music albums to keep me company. I have some samples of them posted here just to keep you all updated to the type of musics I'm in. Don't know which one is louder. The wife's nagging or the music itself. LOL!

I drives a lot and covers long distance daily partly due the nature of my work and I kept some simple rules to be safe on the roads. Although they say accident will happen if it happens, it won't hurt if we are prepared for any ermegency. My rules are:

Make sure your vehicle in tip top condition before any long haul journey. Be sure to equip in your car a tool box. By saying this, it helps if you knew some simple repair works.

Always have respect for the other road users.

Always respect the roads. The landscape may change after a spell of wet weather especially in the hilly areas.( A lot of that in Sabah.)

If loud musics still fails to keep you awake. It's not shameful to find a safe spot to park your car and take a short rest. It will refreshes you for the rest of the journey.

Finally, plan ahead before any long journey and have enough rest before embarking on your trip.

Drive safely and think safety.

The Cult - Painted on my heart.


Foo Fighters - Stay Alive

P.O.D - Sleeping Awake

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