12 October 2008

Datuk SRK.

I am amused by the excitement over the Melaka State Government decision to award the title Datuk to SRK. 

He did in a way promoted Malaysia in his movies. Being not a Hindustan movie nut, I remembered SRK sang and danced acres of Malaysia’s land in his movie One 2 Ka 4 and kicked asses, shoot the daylight out off his enemies, sky dived, parachuted and landed in a Malaysian kampung in his movie Don.

That has indirectly promoted our country to the world and whether that deserved a Datukship is up to the Melaka State Government own prerogative.

And don’t forget, we have in our midst of Datuks, who do not deserved the title given to them and did anybody says anything?

By the rate the title Datuk is awarded annually, it has started to lose its appeal to the public. Just go round to the warung or  coffee shops and see how some of the guys greeted their friends or somebody older: "Hello, datuk !

So what's the fuss?

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