21 October 2008

Exclusive Makkah: How it will look like in 2010.

Image credit : Worldfutures.info

Image credit : Worldfutures.info

Two years from now this is how the holy city of Makkah or Mecca is projected to look like.
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Source : World futures.info

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  1. Honestly this is spectacular both in design and make. One thing I learnt about the mosque is the materials used are none are below A grade, anything less are returned and remade. An example, hear the sound (speaker) system, the best human can make on earth. I wanted to meet the Imam of the mosque to talk over something but during the Hj period wasn't and isn't the right time-but God gave me the chance, wouldn't happen to many, I am sure, not to a person like me. I met him right at the entrance at the back from the palace. Shook hand with him, he didn't speak other language other than Arabic-soon after I released my hand in a matter of seconds dozen of body guards and police barricaded him I couldn't believe my eyes-this is beside the point-later of the months I met several Omani and Yemeni who speak English, and we did talk about the mosque-its all in my new book hopefully release by the end of this year.


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