15 October 2008

Get a load of this.

Hiew : Abolish 15pc GST on 4-D

Daily Express - 14 October 2008) Kota Kinabalu: MP Dr Hiew King Cheu called on the State Government to consider abolishing the 15 per cent Goods and Service Tax (GST) on the purchase of 4-digit lottery tickets in Sabah. According to him, he had received many complaints pertaining to the 15 per cent GST taxation from punters.

"They all feel that they are paying too much and too high a tax," he said, adding that the State Legislative Assembly should discuss the matter at its coming sitting.

According to him, it was rather unfair for the people in Sabah to pay more for the purchase of 4-D lottery because in the peninsula there is no such taxation for it.

"The 15 per cent tax collected last year amounted to almost RM60 million.

We want to know how actually and where this money is used and spent," he said in a statement.

Hiew said that due to the extra 15 per cent tax, punters are encouraged to go for the 'black market' and underground operators, where they only need to pay RM1 for the same set of numbers.

"From the economic point of view, it is better to lift the 15 per cent GST tax. This is especially so during this economy downturn," he said.

A very disappointing and popularity seeking statement coming from the Opposition MP. He could have instead suggested to the authorities to find ways to lower the prices of essential goods i.e. food or petrol.

The public should also be encouraged to save especially in these difficult and unpredictable time. Makes me wonder-what will happen if they are in power?

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