08 October 2008


While en route to Kota Kinabalu, we made a brief stop at Kundasang town to buy some highland veggies. I needed the respite too after a long drive.

Kundasang is a small town but what made it so popular to the locals and visitors alike are the vegetable stalls located on both sides of the road near the main entrance to the town proper.

Well, they used to sell vegetables previously but now they sell other stuff like flowers, some handuicrafts and local honey produced from cultured bee hives and also from hives of the unlucky wild bees.

Without these stalls I don't think anyone will take notice of this town except maybe for the few chalets and resorts located nearby.There is also a war memorial located nearby to commemorate soldiers killed during WW2.

The content of the yellow capped bottles are honey and bottles with the darker tone are honey from the wild.

Nowadays they sell petai too.

Kundasang and its nearby areas can proudly claim to have the highest number of bored piles retaining walls in the State.

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