27 October 2008

QEH To Be Demolished And Relocated Soon.

It was announced recently in the medias about the main tower block of QEH, which was constructed during the era of the Berjaya Government, will be demolished soon as it was found to be structurally unsafe and not economically viable to be repaired. The State Government will be looking for a new and suitable site to relocate the hospital.

Felt a bit sad to see it go though. To most of us from Sabah, KK especially, will have fond and bitter memories about this place. Fond to those lucky souls who had went there and recuperated fully and for those parents who had one or maybe all of their children born there. This goes for the staff too where some of them had worked there for so many years. They too had fond memories about the place and I am sure that they will feel sad to see this building go.

My own fond memories was when my eldest son who was suffering from a rare disease called myasthenia grawis, had been diagnosed by the doctors there and under their arrangements with IJN, had his thymectomy successfully done although at the Sabah Medical Centre as QEH did not have the facility then. The ward he usually goes for his review has now been shifted to the new specialist block below the present building to be demolished.

My own bitter memories which I would liked to forget is when I lost my father in that hospital too due to cancer. I guessed the feeling is the same for those who had lost the loved ones there.

If they decides to build a new building at another site at a later stage, I hope the Government will not change the old name. It's not about being patriotic or not. It is something that only KK folks will understand or is it only me alone.

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