02 November 2008

On Melamine In Global Food Chain.

A disturbing article indeed in The Jakarta Post on the widespread usage of melamine which it is not a far fetched statement too. Already one of our longtime local biscuit factory is involuntarily involved. I dread to think of the many other food stuff we had in the market already tainted with this chemical substance.

Excerpts from The Jakarta Post:

Rich in nitrogen, melamine gives low-quality food and feed artificially high protein readings.

"Traders can make a lot of profit by doing it," said Jason Yan, the U.S. Grains Council's technical director in Beijing.

Extremely high levels of melamine - as found in the Chinese baby formula - can cause kidney stones and in extreme cases can bring on life-threatening kidney failure...
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Source : The Jakarta Post: Melamine already in global food chain.

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