18 November 2008

What's Tasty May Not Be Healthy.

I got this sms from my daughter this morning. It read:

"Dadi beli saya kuih yang ada soseg."

What she meant was by asking me to buy her something similar to the one shown on the photo below. It is quite popular among the kids nowadays besides ice-cream or KFCs. The only problem was the 'inti' of the bun or the sausage at the center, which is a by-product of processed meat.

From what I have read at relevant health and consumers websites about processed meats has been very disturbing so far. All of these websites claimed that studies have shown that processed meat caused cancer as one of the website's posting here.

I am a great fan of sausages but after reading these articles, I have decided it as a responsible move to cut our intake on this delicacy. Our favourite at home is Denmark's Emborg brand which, suspiciously, have been missing from the shelves of the local marts in KK lately. I am not trying to belittle our local producers but theirs are not as tasty.

So, maybe this is a form of a blessing in disguise for us to start our cut down exercise. We shall not be be craving for sausages for the days or even weeks to come.

But only for today, I think I will oblige to my little daughter special request.

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