06 January 2009

Back To School Blues.

I have prepared a summary that will tell you just how much parents with children enrolling in form one this year will need to pay for this particular school.

Mind you this is a sekolah kerajaan and not those sekolah bantuan or jenis kebangsaan type.I believe for these other schools, the cost could be much higher. For the present form two and up to form five students, they are charged RM110.00 each.

It is quite fortunate however, that the Headmaster of this particular school is a considerate soul and parents are allowed to settle the amount in two instalments. For those very productive parents, aye' they will be feeling the pinch alright.

PTA fee and activities = RM 104.00
Compulsory payments for students (materials and others) = RM 100.00
Total Amount (Male) = RM204.00
(Female)* = RM194.00

*RM10.00 are waived as female student are exempted from wearing necktie.

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