06 January 2009

Back To School But Not To Some.

Today was quite a hectic day as I went about arranging the necessary things for the kids whose schooling life started anew this year. One of boys actually tasted his first day today as a form one student.

Everything went on quite well. No serious problem encountered on my part. However, the same cannot be said to some unlucky parents at the school where my son enrolled.

Their problem started when the Pejabat Pendidikan Daerah, whom had earlier assigned their children just before their Year Six final semester ended, to school A to continue with their secondary education. Somehow for unknown reasons, school A did not to accept some of them and was reassigned to school B.

Since these reassigned names did not appear in the master list provided by the Education Department for school B, most of them and especially those with poor academic results were declined and unceremoniously rejected. One really upset and exasperated parent asked me for an opinion of which I replied by asking him to refer his grievances back to the Education Department.

What I would like to know is, can a school (in this case, School A) simply reject students assigned by the Education Department just because these poor students did meet certain pre-set criteria? Are schools allowed to do these? I believe this problem are faced by lots of parents today.

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  1. Dear Pok-Kam,
    Start of school year is always stressful for parents and children. Can't say what the school did is right or wrong. They also trying to build a track record too. Everybody expect 'Rubbish in = rubbish out' forgetting the processing part by those great teachers. eg " Rubbish in = process = diamond out ". Cheers


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