27 January 2009

Chinese New Year - 2nd. Day.

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Visited one house only today. I think that's about wrapped up my celebration for this year. Why only one house? Well this particular visit alone took half day to complete. Mana tidak. Talk, eat, talk, eat and hehehee a few cards game to past the time by while chit-hatting away.

At home I surfed the Net looking for this particular band whose name I have forgotten and not one song title that I can remember. Well it's been almost 20 years but I always hummed one particular tune. Strange no? You remembered the melody but not the title.

Anyway, I remembered the producer's name and so with a powerful tool as the Internet, I finally found not only that song but other songs by the same band. I have downloaded one song for everyone's listening pleasure. Hope you all will like it.

If you would like to listen uninterrupted, press 'PLAY' first and then paused. Let the buffering complete itself then press 'PLAY'. Meanwhile as you awaits for the whole process to complete, you may eat some kuaci if you have them. :)


Love Welcome Home - Giant

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