01 January 2009

Musa Aman : Less politicking please.

Excerpts from a Daily Express article about Datuk Musa Aman calling for less politicking this year:

(Daily Express)
- Kota Kinabalu : Chief Minister Datuk Seri Musa Haji Aman has expressed optimism that Sabah would continue to forge ahead in the implementation of development programmes amid less political bickering in 2009.

"I also hope that politicking will stop so that we can move ahead and bring more development to the people.

"Let us close ranks so that Sabah will progress further and refrain from getting duped by the opposition which is good at empty talk and empty promises," he said, in his New Year message.

In this respect, Malaysians in Sabah must work with the Government towards increasing the State's competitiveness in a globalised world and towards remaining united in putting strategies and plans to work into the next phase of development, he added.

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Source : CM hopes for less politicking next year, Daily Express, 1 January 2009

How many political leaders had made similar calls? I have lost count but still a good call indeed by Musa. Hopefully though that it will not fall on deaf ears.


  1. At least he tries his best to call out to all Sabahan's politicians to do less politiking this year.

  2. A good call indeed. Less political bickering and more focus on development and important issues. Good luck with the call!

  3. It is good effort Datuk... At least people can see that you're trying to focus in helping the sabahans:)

  4. Good call. There should be no more political bickering and arguments. It's time to focus on development and the other very important issues.
    High time tho'.

  5. Yes, all Sabahan's politicians should focus on development and helping the Sabahans first :)
    Good Luck for the call :)


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