30 June 2008

Malaysia is in the top 10.

Found out about this article from one of my news feed. If you are wondering what it's all about then just log to the link here :-

27 June 2008

Photos on Tambunan - Part 1

Of all the places I have gone to during my outstation trips, I like Tambunan the most. It's a small town in the interior located along the Crocker Range. People there are friendly and it have lots of interesting places to go if you know where to look.

Bird's eye view of Kg. Sunsuron.

Padi fields at Kg. Sunsuron.

Entrance to Masakob waterfall at KK-Tambunan Road.

Some parts of the main road are covered in mist depending on weather.

Can be quite tricky for those who are not familiar with this condition.

The Nurul Iman mosque.

Entrance to Kem Tanaki, one of the many National Training camps in the country.

Small town maybe but with a golf course

A modern sports complex.

Monument located right in front of the market square.

A familiar scene on every Thursday where the weekly bazaar is held.

Note to readers.

You may noticed that some of the photos in my weblog are missing. Well my fault to be exact. I screwed up my Picassa album and that is how they are accidently erased.

I will try to upload those photos if possible at a later date. My own pc are down and I have been using computers from the cyber cafes and that is how all these thing happened.

18 June 2008

After the Harvest.

I was driving home from Keningau when upon passing by Kampung Kinabaan in Tambunan, this scene caught my attention.

As can be seen in the photos, the people here in Tambunan are already well in the replanting stage after the recent harvest. Life have to go on even with the political scene both here in Sabah and at national level are getting red hot.The man in the photo are seen planting padi for a new season, are we going to see the same thing at the political scene so to speak?

Datuk Yong Teck Lee has made known his party intention and Dr. Chong Eng Leong has left PBS because of somewhat similar reasons. With these latest developments, ordinary folk like me can only hope for the best and maintain a wait and see status.

06 June 2008

Down for a few days.

Sorry for keeping quiet the last few days. You see I was down with the flu and which was made worse when the announcement about the new fuel price two days ago.

Beside blogging which I an doing part time just for the fun of it while making new acquaintances out there in blogosphere, I am a just an ordinary salary earning man. I am already finding it hard to juggle my finance to keep above water, now they have to throw this 'bad news' at me. Poor me, poor to all the Malaysians who suffers the same predicament as me.

Oh yes! They do have that special 'rebate' for car owners of 2000 cc below engine capacity. Yes, that would help me to settle I month instalment. Sure that would help but my fever still won't go away. Why? Owww....

03 June 2008

Kampung Boy.

They say rural kids lagged from city kids in terms of education and other recreational facilities. Maybe so but we do have high achievers and some, if not most of our leaders, originated from the kampungs. Ok, I am not going to write long and boring stuff which might sleep induced you in no time.

What I actually wanted to share with you all today is what I have actually seen with my own eyes and I must admit that it did made me felt a bit jealous. I thought riding my "chopper" ( you know, the smaller wheel at the front with a larger wheel at the rear) bicycle in my teens was a cool stuff then and here the kids actually went steps further.

Hey, the rider may be in his early teens but seeing what he's doing with the bike and at off road area, the only thing I said to him was to ride carefully.

While some kids 'rempit' in the cities, this boy helps his family in the farm.

01 June 2008

Ad hoc shopping on a Sunday.

After walking around Gaya Street with the family, we then proceeded to Wisma Merdeka. I regretted immediately for my decision once inside.

In short, my decision made poorer when I came out from that shopping mall

People are sure to lose their self control when they saw the price tags. Here it's 50% discount.

No wait! It's getting better. How about 70%?

The Gaya Street Fair.

The weekly Gaya Street Fair is a familiar event which is held every Sunday along Gaya Street or situated in the old KK area as it's fondly called, organized and managed by the Dewan Bandaraya Kota Kinabalu.

Actually if you asked me, I'll say it's more of an open market concept where you'll find variety of items from ordinary kitchen wares to gardening utensils, live fish, flowers, handicrafts, pets, trinkets, second hand items like books and anything that are allowed to be sold here.

Some people say that if you want to find something strange and not found in any of the shops, come to Gaya Street. So rain or shine it's there every Sunday without fail.

Even on a Sunday, certain part of KK are best avoided if possible.

The 'gate' at the entrance to the Gaya Street Fair.

Much as I disliked of crowded place, I'll give this place an exception for the sole reason because it's an interesting place to be.

You'll see people of different shapes, sizes and race.

Locals or foreigners.

A band of 'special people' performing live music for a donation drive.

Reflexology treatment for those who can stand the pain and the tickle.

Local agriculture produce.

Local fruits.

Medicinal herbs.

Local handicrafts.

Wind chimes made of bamboo and coconut shell.

These are some of the strange items I mentioned just now.

Ahh, these guys are choosing which ornamental rings to buy.

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