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07 November 2012

Obama Re-elected.

It's now confirmed. Obama has been re-elected for a second term as the US President. Read about it here.

Sabah’s ‘development or else’

Below is an article from the opinion section of The Malaysian Insider written by Erna Mahyuni. Nice piece and which I would like to share in this blog of mine.

November 07, 2012
NOV 7 — A long time ago, Sabah was like the miserable child in a messy custody battle. Custody battles are hard. It’s not easy for a judge to rule on what truly is best for a child. Who could provide a better environment? The rich parent or the one who makes up for it in affection what he or she lacks in money?

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Source: The Malaysian Insider

24 October 2012

Under-RM25,000 homes rule next year – Hajiji

The Local Government and Housing Ministry has decided to make it compulsory for all private housing projects to comprise at least 30 per cent affordable homes costing below RM25,000 next year.

Its minister Datuk Hajiji Noor said the new ruling would come into force on January 1.

“Realising that the prices of house are going up, making it more difficult for the low income group to own a home, especially in urban areas, my ministry has decided to adopt the 30 per cent rule,” he told the State Assembly sitting in his winding-up speech yesterday.

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Source : The Borneo Post Online

Now this is really interesting. A house that will costs much cheaper than a brand new Viva. 

However, don't put up any high hope just yet folks.  The question remain on how the developers will struggle to meet the RM 25,000.00 ceiling price but would still be able to produce a decent and comfortable house to the public.

With the present uncertainty in the economic and market condition, it will be a great challenge if not down right impossible for any developer to deliver by this proposed ruling.

Then there are host of other issues that need to be tackled and iron out between both parties and to impose a ceiling price at that amount is just not fair for any developer particularly not in this State.

15 October 2012

Daredevil Diver Breaks Speed Of sound.

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