30 May 2008

Harvest Festival - Day 1

It was hot and a sunny day. The crowd became larger as the day progresses. Tomorrow will be the final day of the festival with the final of the beauty contest and the PM will also be here. Guess the crowd will be bigger tomorrow.

A giant Gong at the entrance to the community hall.
Contestants for the Beauty Pageant being introduced to the crowds.
Murut beauties performing the Magunatip dance.
Local songtress Clarice John belting out a Dusun song.

The Huguan Siou, Datuk Seri Joseph Pairin Kitingan (2nd. right).

Dancers from Papar District performing their traditional dance.

Muruts from Nabawan performing folk songs and dance.
Head hunter? No, only a Murut 'warrior' doing a performance.

A Lundayeh woman.

Final touch up.

Muruts from Nabawan.

Traditional fire blower.

A traditional device to separate rice from the husks.

Local handicraft for sale.

More local handicrafts.

Sabah radio vFM female deejays dancing the Sumazau with visitors at their kiosk.

Lotud dancers in full regalia from the Tuaran District.

Items normally used in traditional pagan rites.

The local 'rucksack' - Wakid.

No Harvest Festival will be complete without these (blue coloured). Aramatiee!

Don't know if these are for real.

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