31 May 2008

Harvest Festival - Day 2.

Today is the 2nd. and also the final day of the Harvest Festival celebration at the Dewan KDCA. Managed to take some photos but the jostling and pushing to take good shots was too much for me so I gave up.

The rest of the shots are personal shots and ahem, stays personal. :)

At the entrance, VIPs are waiting for the TYT (Governor) to arrive.

Dr. Maximus, Pairin and Musa.

The Bobohizan (priestess) leading the entourage.

(From left) The TYT, Pairin and Maximus.

30 May 2008

Harvest Festival - Day 1

It was hot and a sunny day. The crowd became larger as the day progresses. Tomorrow will be the final day of the festival with the final of the beauty contest and the PM will also be here. Guess the crowd will be bigger tomorrow.

A giant Gong at the entrance to the community hall.
Contestants for the Beauty Pageant being introduced to the crowds.

Murut beauties performing the Magunatip dance.

Local songtress Clarice John belting out a Dusun song.

The Huguan Siou, Datuk Seri Joseph Pairin Kitingan (2nd. right).

Dancers from Papar District performing their traditional dance.

Muruts from Nabawan performing folk songs and dance.

Head hunter? No, only a Murut 'warrior' doing a performance.

A Lundayeh woman.

Final touch up.

Muruts from Nabawan.

Traditional fire blower.

A traditional device to separate rice from the husks.

Local handicraft for sale.

More local handicrafts.

Sabah radio vFM female deejays dancing the Sumazau with visitors at their kiosk.

Lotud dancers in full regalia from the Tuaran Districts.

Items normally used in traditional pagan rites.

The local 'rucksack' - Wakid.

No Harvest Festival will be complete without these (blue coloured). Aramatiee!

Don't know if these are for real.

Kotobian Tadau Kaamatan!

Yep, today and tomorrow is a holiday here in Sabah, while our neighbor Sarawak will have their public holidays from the 1st and 2nd June with their Gawai Festival.

I'm off with my family to the Wisma KDCA or Hongkod Koisaan which will serves as the centre of festival. Actually, I don't want to go as I hate crowded places. Don't know why crowded places always make me feels edgy.

But hey, we are living in a democratic world where the voice of the majority wins and I'm quite outnumbered here. They (the wife and the kids) has been pestering me over the past week. So in the end I relented. Anyway, it's a way of enjoying quality times with them and I'm looking forward to it.

I'll be posting some photos later on. Cheers!

26 May 2008

The Indelible Ink Issue.

I was scrolling through
The Malaysian Insider ,when I came accross this cartoon pic at their Cheah's Chuckle section and couldn't stop laughing. Hope the guys in Malaysian Insider won't mind.

In trouble with the Ah Longs.

This is another of those stories that we heard before about people getting into trouble after borrowing from loan sharks or better known as Ah Longs.

The public have been constantly reminded whether it is from politicians, Police or NGOs to stay away from these people seemed to have fallen on deaf ears. Still, it is not fair to blame them entirely given the 'great wall' all prospect borrowers had to face when applying for the legitimate loans.

As for this poor chap, he had fallen into the traps set by a group of Ah Longs and is now in hiding and pleaded for assistance. Maybe the local MIC, HINDRAF or any caring NGOs or any caring individuals can help him?

You can read the full story from the Daily Express


The Sabah Claim.

My fear after the Pulau Batu Putih case seemed justified, as it didn’t take that long for the issue regarding the Sabah Claim, a thorn in the flesh and affecting bilateral relations between our country and the Republic of the Philipines, resurfaced again.

Coincidence? Hardly I think. Only this time the claim was not from the Philipines Government but from a Moro leader Mr. Nur Misuari, who challenged our Government at a gathering in Mindanao to proof if Sabah rightly belongs to Malaysia through the International Court of Justice (ICJ).

Personal grudge against Malaysia? Maybe but this still is too serious to be ever taken lightly.

For those who are wondering what this is all about, please read here.

25 May 2008

Song For A Sunday Afternoon.

I was bored and while surfing the Youtube website, I found this old song by Scritti Politti titled Oh Patti. Was crazy about this song back then. Incidentally, the meaning of Scritti Politti is political writting. Enjoy.

Sabah Lass is AF6 Winner.

Finally, after 4 consecutive years we had Sabahans as runner ups, this year we finally had a winner at the ASTRO's Akedemi Fantasia Season 6, held last night at the Bukit Jalil Indoor Stadium.

She is 18 years old Miss Stracie Angie Anam or fondly known as Stacy, who hailed from Penampang, Sabah.

Congratulation girl! You have done us proud. Besides Stacy, we also had Miss Ayu who had won the One In A Million reality show organized by 8TV earlier this year.

Hmm... good harvest this year no?.

23 May 2008

We lost! Pulau Batu Putih is Singapore's.

Malaysians can bid goodbye to Pulau Batu Putih or Pedra Blanca. The ICJ at the Hague, has ruled today that Singapore as the rightful owner of the island which was centre of ownership dispute between the two countries for decades.

It will the bitterest pill to swallow but somehow have to be accepted. It is hoped that Malaysia will learn a good lesson from this and takes measures of ensuring that we will not loose in any more similar disputes in the future.

It is remain to be seen whether the Philipines will take cue from this recent episode to launch a similar claim against Sabah.

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