26 July 2008

There are a lot of interesting places in Kota Kinabalu and these are some them:

Part of the proposed waterfront in front of Hyatt Hotel.

A group of Japanese tourist.

You can't miss this place. There's a giant effigy of a Marlin fish right in front of the place.

Next is the old clock tower at the foot of Bukit Bendera near the KK old Police Station.

Hmm.. either the tower is 'senget' or the photographer is.

Sigboard telling you the history of this tower. (Click photo to enlarge)

Finally the Obersavatory at Signal Hill (another name for Bukit Bendera).

You'll have a nice view of KK from up here. Notice the Clock Tower in the background?

24 July 2008


Overhead these while I was waiting for my friend at the Kg. Air taxi stand (the one with the shed) when a group of taxi drivers were having loud conversations:

  • "Why am I talking s**ts with you guys, normally at this time I should be on the road sending customers to their destinations."
  • "It almost a month since I last had a Chinese customer. Where did they all go."
  • "Aiyoo, if they really send all those PTIs back a, I will have no customers."
  • "Luckily there's a lot of tourists now otherwise susah o."
  • "Aiyaa, it's not so bad. If one day I can have at least 4 trips (customers), I'm a happy man."

Well, times are hard now and people are just learning to adapt. Too well I guess that's why these poor guys were complaining.

As for the man who complained about having less Chinese passengers now, well maybe we are just following the old advice. Be thrifty and live within our means as this saying goes:


22 July 2008

A Night Out In KK.

Tonight we went out for dinner with an European guest whom wanted to eat seafood but with different surrounding. So we suggested he should try this place.

It's an open air food stall located near the Sinsuran area in the city center of Kota Kinabalu. It has another name among the locals as 'Pasar Pilipin' where majority of the stall operators are either Indonesians or Philipinos while the rest are locals. I don't want to dwell how they managed to obtain the license to operate or whether they 'ali babaed' from the locals, suffice to say that's how it has been all these years.

It did not have the proper ambience you would expect from a food stall but it does provides the basic needs. Besides the locals, the usual Indonesians and Philipinos who used to pratonized this place, there were also foreign tourists.

Our guest liked this place so that was that and we had our dinner there. The price of the food was quite reasonable. For people who are crazy about sea food maybe they should try this place if they found the conventional restaurants too expennsive.

07 July 2008

Rock Band Caused Near Riot.

I read this article published in Berita Harian today and I must say the guy is really a nut case and at the same time felt pity for his ignorance or just plain stupidity. The lyrics, the body language exhibited in front of the crowd was too much I think that they let loose their anger at him and almost cause a near riot. He's lucky to be still in one piece. However, I am against this type of reaction from the crowd altogether.
The lead singer should have realized that he was not in a rock show. He was in the wrong crowd at the wrong time. What was he thinking anyway when he decided to show off this kind of bad showmanship. And what kind of name is Karburetor Dung for a band anyway? Wrong showmanship and wrong name for a band in a protest crowd against fuel price hike.
To swagger and show off your butt in front of the PKR and PAS crowd nowadays is a big NO-NO. On any given day this kind of behaviour would probably be only given the 'slap on the wrist' type of reprimand but not on that day bro'.
And karburetor dung or 'taik kaburetor' in plain translation is something that will cause your car to sputter and stop in the middle of traffic jams not to mention it may cause your car to guzzle fuel like you would not believe. Wrong time to have dung in your carburetor in these bad times when fuel price is on the rise.
Let's hope the moron learned his lesson from that mistake and not to repeat them again in the future. Anyway, it's not our culture to show off your ass (no pun intended) and your underwear( was that pink coloured? The photo in the daily was not that clear).

03 July 2008

I've a question.

Can somebody out there tell me what is wrong with the Malaysia Today site? Kena blocked lagi ?
Been trying to log in since yesterday.

Daylight Robbery.

I have heard stories from friends of how unscrupulous people are manipulating and taking advantage of the present situation in the country to their advantage.

I am referring to the Government assistance meant to help our farmers and fishermen through subsidies. I did not take much notice about it until this article from Rocky's Bru.

Besides that, I have also heard how certain people are taking advantage through loop holes, to buy subsidized fuel meant for fishermen (nelayan pesisir) with inside help. All that you need to do is to buy an engine or borrowed (at least 15hp - subsidy amount will be based on the engine horse power capacity), a boat and other necessary equipments. Take few photo shots and attached this with your application.

Once the application has been approved and you have an instant fisherman whom will be eligible to purchase fuel at at cheap subsidized price on daily basis. Some even sold off surplus to earn extra money.

Crooks will always be among us so it seem. Maybe there are loop are holes the authorities need to check and plug immediately?

01 July 2008

Window XP Deadline Approaches: June 30

I would like to share this interesting article that I received on my e-mail and are especially for those of you (myself included) which still use the trustworthy Windows XP.

Had my first experience last night when my pc suddenly crashed and only had it working again this morning with the help of a friend. Read on....

Windows XP Deadline Approaches: June 30Windows XP Deadline Approaches: June 30
by Bill Lindner

Microsoft June 30, 2008 is the day Microsoft is slated to discontinue Windows XP tomake way for a new era in operating systems -- start bars will give way to wonky buttons and a refreshed design, stable operation will give way to frequent crashing, and XP will die at the hands of a misguided killer:Microsoft. (Source: itworld.com) While Microsoft will have you believeVista isn't so bad and it's the next ... ...

Click to read the rest of the article:


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