31 August 2008

Fasting Starts Tomorrow (01.09.2008)

Tomorrow will be the first day of the month long Ramadan fasting by the Muslims of this country. Since tomorrow is still a public holiday, most of the Muslims will be able to perform their fasting in a more relax manner and I consider this as a blessing.

It is hoped therefore that people especially the Muslims will respect this holy month and we will see less, if not at all, the circus shows that we have been witnessing a lot lately.

Selamat Mengerjakan Ibadah Puasa.

28 August 2008

Minda Mufti :Pantun 'Cari Ganti'

I like the Malay pantun. This goes way back since my younger days. Fact is, I have few books about pantun or literally known as Malay poems in my possession. It is part of the Malay culture and heritage which I really like.

Actually I am not going to talk about anthropology here but for this next pantun which I found from one of my favourite site Minda Mufti. Up to you folks to decipher the 'khiasan' behind the words. Happy reading.

26 August 2008

No To Flying The National Flag Upside Down.

The Jalur Gemilang

Whatever the reason or motive for one to do it, flying the national flag upside down as proposed by a blogger in the blogosphere and some are already doing it, is totally uncalled for and can be considered as treasonous.

We have several avenues to raise our grouses but as patriotic citizens of this country, we should always opt for peaceful means of protest and never the riotous and violent street type or as the most recently indulged by some bloggers - flying the national flag upside down.

I urged them to seriously reconsider and stop this unpatriotic and Kurang Ajar act.

Kepercayaan cincin dan tarikh – khurafat! : Mufti Perlis.

Below are several very interesting articles by Dr. Mohd. Asri Bin Zainul Abidin, the Perlis State Mufti posted on his website Minda Mufti, in response to several events and statements with regard to the Permatang Pauh by-election which is to be held tomorrow. I need not say further but read on below or for other interesting articles, please read here..

1). Kepercayaan cincin dan tarikh – khurafat!

By Dr. Mohd. Asri Bin Zainul Abidin, Mufti Perlis

Kepercayaan sial dan tuah mengenai cincin dan tarikh pengundian adalah satu kepercayaan khurafat yang bertentangan dengan Al-Qur’an dan As-Sunnah.

Tulisan ini merujuk kepada dua artikel di bawah:

2). Pilih calon ‘kurang’ mudaratkan agama, negara

By Dr. Mohd. Asri Bin Zainul Abidin, Mufti Perlis

Tanpa menyebut nama calon, Mufti Perlis, Dr. Mohd. Asri Zainul Abdidin berharap pengundi-pengundi di Permatang Pauh akan memilih calon yang “paling ringan mudarat” atau “membahayakan” agama dan negara, esok.

“Siapakah yang layak dipilih dalam keadaan begitu? Bagi saya pengundi yang matang hendaklah menilai manakah pihak yang paling ringan mudaratnya dibandingkan yang satu lagi,” kata beliau.

Teruskan membaca… »

3). Penjelasan Di Sebalik Cadangan Mubahalah

By Dr. Mohd. Asri Bin Zainul Abidin, Mufti Perlis

“Ada sesetengah pihak yang tersalah sangka dengan menganggap bahawa cadangan saya untuk DSAI dan Saiful bermubahalah itu satu perangkap untuk menjatuhkan DSAI. Demi sesungguhnya tidak! Sebenarnya, sejak beberapa bulan yang akhir ini wujudnya persahabatan bukan politik antara saya dan DSAI. Sikapnya yang lebih lunak dan sering bertanya khabar agak menyenangkan.

Apabila timbul isu liwat yang dibangkitkan oleh Saiful, maka saya bertanya hal tersebut kepada DSAI sendiri. Daripada penjelasannya beliau memaklumkan bahawa wujudnya konspirasi. Katanya, mahkamah dan polis akan dipergunakan. Saya yang bersimpati jika benar wujud konspirasi tersebut melihat imej beliau perlu dibersihkan dan perancangan buruk perlu dihentikan melalui satu proses yang menakutkan sesiapa yang khianat dan berdusta. Berdasarkan dakwaan DSAI, mahkamah dan polis tidak dipercayai.

Maka saya mencadangkan proses yang terkandung dalam al-Quran dan al-Sunnah yang diluar dari hukuman manusia sebaliknya menanti balasan Allah di dunia lagi iaitu Mubahalah. Harapan saya supaya mereka yang jahat akan takut seperti mana golongan Kristian Najran yang takut dengan laknat Allah s.w.t dan tidak berani bermubahalah dengan Nabi Muhammad s.a.w.. Saya maklumkan secara perbualan telefon kepada DSAI bahawa niat saya membersihkan imej beliau dan beliau ketika itu tidak pertikaikan tujuan saya walaupun kelihatan beliau keberatan.

Tiba-tiba selepas cadangan dibuat dan -seperti pandangan-pandangan saya yang lain- ia mendapat liputan yang meluas, Saiful pula yang tampil mencabar DSAI untuk bermubahalah dan telah melaknat dirinya jika dia bohong. Sementara DSAI enggan menyahutnya atas alasan-alasan beliau. Maka, tiada sebarang konspirasi dalam cadangan ini, sebaliknya tujuan asalnya adalah untuk kebaikan beliau. Jika beliau enggan, maka para pengikutnya yang tidak perlu mempertikaikan pencadangnya”

09 August 2008

Uniquely Sabah.

When you are driving down the roads in the interior or the rural parts of Sabah, you may stumble upon stalls with farm produce on display but the owners are nowhere to be found.

Unfortunately when I took these photographs there was not much items available. They have only the plants with pungent smell the locals here called 'Tuhau' and some highland cabbage. If you decide to purchase but the owner are not there, don't despair.

They had their price tag ready and written clearly

All that you need to do if you decides to make a purchase, you pay the amount by putting the cash into the slot on top of the box and your transaction is complete.

What Will happen If You Don't Pay?

I don't know as I never tried taking without paying. Come on. These are poor farmers. They can't be there to man their stalls all day while there's work to do at their farms. They had placed their trust in you to pay and a good Sabahan will always pay.

The 08.08.08 Olympic.

Image from Al Jazeera.Net/AFP

What a spectacular opening ceremony it was. Even though by only watching a live telecast. The people of China must be very proud and some may be suffering of neck cramps after watching too much fireworks.

Bush, Vladimir Putin, Nicolas Sakorzy, Kevin Ruud
, Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah of Brunei Darul Salam and Princess Anne of Great Britain to name a few, was there. Ours? Besides representatives? Maybe, during the closing ceremony .... ?

Correction (11.08.08) : I stand corrected. Our Yang Di Pertuan Agong did attended the event.

03 August 2008

What A Relieve and I'm Back!

After having to wait for six long days, Google/Blogger finally cleared my blog after their check and review found that my weblog was not a Spam Blog after all.

I was not sure what went wrong. It had to do something with their automatic robots that crawls into our sites became too sensitive and could not distinguished our normal sites from a spam one. It is a bit too technical for me but I am sure that they will rectified all the weaknesses and prevent it from happening again or to reduce it's occurrence.

Anyway, it is indeed a relieve to be able to blog at my own favourite weblog again.

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