29 September 2008

Samples of music (and tips) for my balik kampung trip.

Yes, tomorrow begins my long way drive to Semporna (about 400km in all) for the Hari Raya holidays. It's not like driving in the good condition highways in Semenjanung.

To keep me from dozing off at the wheel, I will take several of my favourite music albums to keep me company. I have some samples of them posted here just to keep you all updated to the type of musics I'm in. Don't know which one is louder. The wife's nagging or the music itself. LOL!

I drives a lot and covers long distance daily partly due the nature of my work and I kept some simple rules to be safe on the roads. Although they say accident will happen if it happens, it won't hurt if we are prepared for any ermegency. My rules are:

Make sure your vehicle in tip top condition before any long haul journey. Be sure to equip in your car a tool box. By saying this, it helps if you knew some simple repair works.

Always have respect for the other road users.

Always respect the roads. The landscape may change after a spell of wet weather especially in the hilly areas.( A lot of that in Sabah.)

If loud musics still fails to keep you awake. It's not shameful to find a safe spot to park your car and take a short rest. It will refreshes you for the rest of the journey.

Finally, plan ahead before any long journey and have enough rest before embarking on your trip.

Drive safely and think safety.

The Cult - Painted on my heart.


Foo Fighters - Stay Alive

P.O.D - Sleeping Awake

23 September 2008

Latest from Minda Mufti.

Dr. Mohd. Asri Bin Zainul Abidin latest posting about respecting the Hari Raya the proper way.

“Adalah menjadi tanggungjawab media kerajaan dan swasta yang dipegang oleh mereka yang muslim untuk menghormati hari raya dengan menyiarkan program-program yang bersesuaian dengan ajaran Islam. Amat malang jika tujuan Hari Raya untuk kita membesarkan Allah dan bergembira dengan disiplin dan peraturan yang ditentukan syarak, tiba-tiba siaran media kita menyiarkan apa yang bertentangan dengan itu.
Read more here ...

Apa tu Melamine?

Don't want to dwell too much about the deadly infant formula manufactured from China. Rather, I am curious what is this Melamine is all about. After a few Google on the web, this is what I found out. It is here and here.

It is quite scary for this dangerous chemical to be found in food products. Makes me really suspicious about anything embedded with the words "Made in China" for a long period to come.

Balik Kampung Fare.

I was doing my friend a favour this afternoon by driving him to the central bus terminal in Inanam.

It is such a busy place during the day where parking space is scarce. He wanted to book in advance his bus tickets for the balik kampung trip this coming Raya holiday.

What initially was a well thought idea to save money by utilising the public transport turns out otherwise. He got the shock of his life when a round trip this time will cost him a whopping RM600.00 for four heads which sadly in the end he decided it will be much cheaper by using his own transport.

A round trip by using your own transport from KK to Semporna will only cost you around RM250.00 the most.

Really, with subsidized fuel, the bus companies should at least be considerate and practical when increasing their fares. I think for this year Raya holiday will see the roads full and busy.

My wish for this Hari Raya then is to see and hear less incident of fatal accidents.

I wonder whether this a Promosi Hari Raya Fare which the relevant authorities is not aware of.

20 September 2008

The 19th day of Ramadhan.

Today is the 19th day of Ramadan and God willing, we'll be celebrating the Hari Raya Puasa in another 11 days.

I was hopeful from the first day of this auspicious month that we will be seeing and hearing less of political rhetorics or at least the opposing parties will give it a rest, even though for only 30 days, out of respect for the month of Ramadan. Unfortunately though this was not to be.

Instead, we are being showered with almost non-stop disturbing news and events from both sides of the camps that dampens the mood the Ramadan supposed to instill. Go around town or the shopping malls and the crowds are really different this year. While the festivities mood are still there, it is not as merrier as the previous years. The political uncertainties made sombre the mood not usually seen in the month of Ramadan.

This year's Hari Raya are also witnessing prices of most of the essential goods and other services have shot up beyond the imagination of the normal rakyat. To spend unnecessarily this year will be a foolhardy thing to do.

So are the Hari Raya holidays going to be as merrier as the years before? I guess it may still be possible if we learn to be grateful of what we still have and not yearn for more that is beyond our mean. If we stick to this principal than we will still be able to celebrate it though modestly and which should be the way.

Today is only the 19th day of the Ramadan and we are already seeing so much and I sometimes dread to think what the remaining 11 might have to offer.

16 September 2008

Hello! I have a unique visitor.

It seems that the authorities were true to their words. It is either I have a reader from the Police Department or that they have now started to monitor the bloggers in this country. Observe here will show that they entered my site directly without any referal.

I assumed at this juncture, they limit their monitoring to the SoPo bloggers only. (Come to think of it I do not know in what category my weblog lies.)

Anyway, after the Raja Petra saga I am not a bit surprise anymore. Still I am flattered they made a visit to my site although I am a tad dissapointed they did not stay longer for tea. Sigh, my weblog must be very boring. Anyway thanks for visiting guys (or gals). : )

P/S - Hope this may not deter those who writes for the truth and justice. As long as you draw a line and excercise self censorship in what you write, things will remain peachy. ; )

11 September 2008

Hari Kesepuluh Bulan Ramadan.

Masjid Negeri Sabah di Sembulan.

Malam tadi kami sekeluara mengerjakan Solat Isyak dan Terawih kami di Masjid Negeri Sabah yang terletak di Sembulan tidak jauh dari pusat bandar Kota Kinabalu. Selain dari Masjid Negeri Sabah, kami juga jika kesuntukan masa, akan pergi ke masjid yang terdekat iaitu Masjid Nur Hikmah yang terletak di Bukit Padang.

Mungkin disebabkan para para jemaah memilih samada untuk pergi ke masjid-masjid atau surau-surau yang berdekatan dengan rumah masing-masing, didapati bilangan para jemaah yang berkunjung ke Masjid Negeri ini semakin berkurangan tidak seperti tahun-tahun yang sudah. Agak menghairankan kerana kawasan Sembulan dan Tanjung Aru merupakan kawasan yang mempunyai bilangan penduduk Islam yang padat.

Hari ini merupakan hari yang kesepuluh kita berada di bulan Ramadan ini tetapi kehadiran para jemaah ke Masjid Negeri Sabah agak mengecewakan walaupun selepas kerja-kerja menaik -tarafkan kawasan masjid dan pengubah suaian pada bangunan masjid itu sendiri.

Kini kemudahan untuk berwudhu telah ditambah di samping tempat meletak kereta yang luas untuk keselesaan para jemaah. Ruang solat utama kini dilengkapi dengan kemudahan alat penghawa dingin dan sistem audionya pun telah diperbaiki bersesuaian dengan imej dan satusnya sebagai Masjid Negeri. Semua itu gagal untuk menarik lebih orang ramai untuk datang dan mengerjakan solat di situ.

Seperkara lagi yang tidak sedap telinga mendengar ialah sebelum bermulanya solat Isyak dan Terawih tadi, para jemaah telah diingatkan oleh tuan Imam untuk mematikan alat-alat set selular yang dibawa masuk kedalam masjid kerana ini akan mengganggu para jemaah lain yang hadir bersolat dengan khusyuk.

Diharapkan di malam-malam yang akan datang, para jemaah akan lebih prihatin dan mengambil sikap bertanggung jawab ketika mengerjakan solat. Antara lain yang juga dibangkitkan oleh tuan Imam ialah solat Terawih ini dikerjakan cuma sebulan sahaja dalam setahun dan seharusnya ia dikerjakan dengan sebaik-baiknya.

10 September 2008



Muslims in Sabah will have to dig deeper in their pockets this year to pay the Zakat Fitrah which was fixed at RM 7.70 per person believed to be the highest in the country. This year’s rate saw an increase in almost 48.01% from last year’s RM5.20.

If we can feel the pinch of the present economic situation in the country had on us, then we can only imagine how the poor folks had to go through with their lives during these trying times.

07 September 2008

Mufti Perlis latest on Istiqamah.

Another jewel of an article from Dr. Asri bin Zainul Abidin, the Perlis State Mufti baring his thoughts about the difficulties in practicing the Istiqamah (upholding the truth) which after reading the article, one cannot help but noticed that among other things he is referring to the sad state of affair in our country right now.

To quote some of the paragraphs which caught my attention:
"... Insan yang beristiqamah tidak sedemikian rupa. Dia akan mempertahankan kebenaran di kala orang ramai suka dan tidak suka. Di kala kebenaran diterima ramai, atau ditolak orang. Tanpa mengira, samada mempertahankan kebenaran itu mengundang untung, atau rugi. Samada dia disukai kerananya, atau dibenci. ... "

" ... Ramai tokoh-tokoh yang bersifat hizbiyyah ini akan lantang menghentam dan mengkritik kemungkaran yang lakukan oleh musuh-musuh mereka. Malang sekali, apabila perkara yang sama dilakukan oleh ‘orang mereka’ atau ‘pemimpin mereka’ atau ‘parti mereka’ mereka akan mendiamkan diri. ... "

" ... Kita boleh lihat gelagat parti-parti politik dalam negara kita ini pun. Ada perkara yang dihukum haram atau sesat pada masa lepas, didiamkan sahaja pada hari ini apabila mereka terjerumus sama. Ada pula perkara yang dianggap salah dan tidak bermoral lalu ditentang habis-habisan, tiba-tiba hari ini mereka atau parti mereka pula melakukannya atau mengiktirafnya. ..."

To read the full article and give credit to the author, please log on to MindaMufti.

05 September 2008

Teachers Had Themselves To Blame.

A recent survey found 35% of the teachers picked randomly by the Education Ministry, lacked the proficiency to effectively teach the Science and Maths subjects in the English language. A rather alarming find indeed considering it has been more than three years since the teaching of the subjects were implemented.

I am by no mean inconsiderate with the plight of the teachers involved as they had to adjust themselves teaching in a language which understandably, they will need time to be fully effective but three years is a long time to make improvements which can only mean one thing. They did not try or make any attempt hard enough to improve themselves.

This made me recalled my experience during my years in secondary school. It was the pioneering years where all the subjects except the English language were all taught in Bahasa Malaysia or Bahasa Melayu (back then the name kept inter changed).

What a chaotic years it was when some the teachers involved initially had to practically utilized the use of rojak language (Bahasa + English + Chinese) just to point out and explained some of the terminologies to us back then. The worst hit subjects ironically was also the Sciences and Maths subjects.

While it was chaotic, it was also fun at the same time when students and teachers alike worked together to help tackle the tricky situation during the first few months until it gradually improved.

As I recall those years to compare the teachers then with the crop that we have now teaching our children, I found glaring differences. I believed teachers back had chosen the teaching profession as a lifetime career for their strong conviction to teach.

I may not be too far of the mark to say that some of the new bred of teachers we had now chose teaching profession because they had to or they had no other choice. It may came as second or even the third choice in their wish list of preffered jobs after failing to secure their first choice jobs.

If that is the case, then it is really a sad situation where our children will be the products of teaching and guidance from half hearted and reluctant teachers who are there for many reasons but to teach. They stayed since it is a government salaried job which is much better than nothing and since it is also a job which comes with all the attractive perks.

So for the 35%, I had only this to say: Buck up and improve yourselves or quit before you do much damages. Enroll in night classes if necessary besides the courses arranged by the Education Ministry. Teaching used to be highly regarded and respected profession but that somehow had waned over the years. The time had come to earn that respect back and do not blame the government for your failures, you had only yourselves to blame.

I had a sister who is a teacher. From an ordinary Maktab Perguruan certificate, she now holds a Master degree and still in the same profession. Do not let all her hard work and of the others came into disrepute due to the apathy of the rotten few.

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01 September 2008

Fatwa on Praying In Cars.

Here is an interesting article I found from the WorldFutures.info for your reading pleasure. I am not sure whether a similar edict or fatwa is in existence in our country.

Anyway, with the method of praying given to our astronaut Dr. Sheik Muzzafar during his space voyage, then this edict by the Dubai Department of Islamic Affair does not come as strange.

By Khaleej Times
Monday, 01 September 2008

DUBAI - Muslims who get stuck in traffic jams can offer their salaat (prayer) inside cars, according to a fatwa, or religious edict, issued by Islamic scholars in Dubai.

Confirming this, Dr Ahmed Al Hadad, Senior Mufti at the Dubai Department of Islamic Affairs and Charitable Activities, said the fatwa applies not only to drivers, but passengers as well, especially those who use company transports.

Those who get stuck in traffic can park their vehicles aside and pray on the sands, Dr Al Hadad said. They can also pray while sitting behind the wheel, he added. The Mufti said Muslims should not accumulate all the prayers to perform at one time in the day.

Practical so long as the vehicle remain stationary for a period of time enough to complete a prayer session.

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