30 October 2008

A crutch for mum.

After my recent return from my Hari Raya holiday, I have been looking for a suitable crutch for my mum in-law. She is suffering from the occasional gout attacks and the more serious arthritis. Due to these ailments, she could no longer walk normally and had to be aided by the use of a prop or a crutch. I have been doing some searching in KK and have decided to choose between these two.

My wife was against the idea of buying her any of these items. Her reasoning was : "Nanti bila dia biasa guna tongkat, ubat pun tak mau makan. Sampai bila baru mau baik?" Good point but anyway I have chosen the one on the left.

Image : thefind.com and kobalsangaji.blogspot.com

27 October 2008

QEH To Be Demolished And Relocated Soon.

It was announced recently in the medias about the main tower block of QEH, which was constructed during the era of the Berjaya Government, will be demolished soon as it was found to be structurally unsafe and not economically viable to be repaired. The State Government will be looking for a new and suitable site to relocate the hospital.

Felt a bit sad to see it go though. To most of us from Sabah, KK especially, will have fond and bitter memories about this place. Fond to those lucky souls who had went there and recuperated fully and for those parents who had one or maybe all of their children born there. This goes for the staff too where some of them had worked there for so many years. They too had fond memories about the place and I am sure that they will feel sad to see this building go.

My own fond memories was when my eldest son who was suffering from a rare disease called myasthenia grawis, had been diagnosed by the doctors there and under their arrangements with IJN, had his thymectomy successfully done although at the Sabah Medical Centre as QEH did not have the facility then. The ward he usually goes for his review has now been shifted to the new specialist block below the present building to be demolished.

My own bitter memories which I would liked to forget is when I lost my father in that hospital too due to cancer. I guessed the feeling is the same for those who had lost the loved ones there.

If they decides to build a new building at another site at a later stage, I hope the Government will not change the old name. It's not about being patriotic or not. It is something that only KK folks will understand or is it only me alone.

23 October 2008


“Umno is already over 61 years old and is experiencing penyakit tua (old age sickness) which cannot be remedied by senior citizens but rather the younger generation with new ideas,”

Tun Musa Hitam
Former Deputy Prime Minister of Malaysia

Source : The Star

22 October 2008

Mini Putra Jaya to have a facelift.

Block A still under repair.

A completed Block B.

The above photos (please click on photo to enlarge) shows part of the Kompleks Bangunan Gunasama Persekutuan which is also known locally as Mini Putrajaya located in the Likas area just next to the Universiti Malaysia Sabah.

The construction works for the complex was only completed less than three years ago but the external granite wall tiles to the facade and surrounding walls on most buildings in the complex, began falling off one by one. The situation had worsen forcing the contractor to construct temporary safety canopy along walkways, in order to protect the public from wall tiles which may come loose and fall any time without warning.

Presently there is an extensive repair work going on replacing the tiles with poly carbonate wall cladding which I think is more popular nowadays not to mention safer.

I wonder why they did not thought of using this type of material earlier?

21 October 2008

Exclusive Makkah: How it will look like in 2010.

Image credit : Worldfutures.info

Image credit : Worldfutures.info

Two years from now this is how the holy city of Makkah or Mecca is projected to look like.
Read more ...

Source : World futures.info

18 October 2008

The Return of Datuk Seri Dr. Chua Soi Lek.

Datuk Seri Dr. Chua Soi Lek

Being out in the political wilderness these few months did not seem to have any affect on his popularity. The scandal, which followed by the personal tribulations thereafter, also did not deter him or his supporters from their belief that he is the sought after leader to strengthen and bring about the much needed reform in MCA.

Congratulation! Welcome back Datuk Seri on being appointed as the MCA deputy president and w
hat a political comeback this is.

P/S : Remember to sweep your room for hidden cameras and microphones next time?

17 October 2008

Malaysia Minister against blocking access to blogs

By WorldFurtures
Friday, 17 October 2008

TRANSPORT Minister Datuk Ong Tee Keat said the authorities should not block access to websites and blogs that do not share the same views with those in power in the country, reported Nanyang Siang Pau.

The daily quoted him as saying that there should be no impediment to freedom of speech and information posted on blogs.

“Personally I am against blocking access to blogs, which posted views and articles not in line with those in power.

“To me, the move can be seen as going backward,” he said.

Ong said blogs that had become a new platform for freedom of speech, had even brought in challenges to countries that offer limitation to freedom of speech.

On claims that many Opposition party members were spreading lies via blogs, Ong suggested that whoever felt they have been wronged could respond through a similar platform.

Judging by his statement, it is as if he expound the use of equivalent retaliation or tit for tat between the slandered and slanderer. Then again he may well mean that a wronged party have the right to defend himself/herself and all these may not be necessary if everyone exercises self restraint and draw the fine line between what is facts and fictions.

15 October 2008

Get a load of this.

Hiew : Abolish 15pc GST on 4-D

Daily Express - 14 October 2008) Kota Kinabalu: MP Dr Hiew King Cheu called on the State Government to consider abolishing the 15 per cent Goods and Service Tax (GST) on the purchase of 4-digit lottery tickets in Sabah. According to him, he had received many complaints pertaining to the 15 per cent GST taxation from punters.

"They all feel that they are paying too much and too high a tax," he said, adding that the State Legislative Assembly should discuss the matter at its coming sitting.

According to him, it was rather unfair for the people in Sabah to pay more for the purchase of 4-D lottery because in the peninsula there is no such taxation for it.

"The 15 per cent tax collected last year amounted to almost RM60 million.

We want to know how actually and where this money is used and spent," he said in a statement.

Hiew said that due to the extra 15 per cent tax, punters are encouraged to go for the 'black market' and underground operators, where they only need to pay RM1 for the same set of numbers.

"From the economic point of view, it is better to lift the 15 per cent GST tax. This is especially so during this economy downturn," he said.

A very disappointing and popularity seeking statement coming from the Opposition MP. He could have instead suggested to the authorities to find ways to lower the prices of essential goods i.e. food or petrol.

The public should also be encouraged to save especially in these difficult and unpredictable time. Makes me wonder-what will happen if they are in power?

13 October 2008

At least he saw what's coming. What about the others?

Excerpt from a
Bernama article dated 12th October 2008 :

Malaysia must now put in place preventive measures against the oncoming global financial onslaught due to the US credit crunch.

Parti Rakyat Sarawak (PRS) president Datuk Sri Dr James Jemut Masing said he believed no such measures were being taken yet.

"The reason is because our country at the moment is politically unstable.

"We spend too much time politicking and jostling for political positions,"


(UPDATED 13.10.2008 - 7.40pm: SECOND PERSON TO COMMENT. Read here.)

Source: TheMalaysianInsider

12 October 2008

Datuk SRK.

I am amused by the excitement over the Melaka State Government decision to award the title Datuk to SRK. 

He did in a way promoted Malaysia in his movies. Being not a Hindustan movie nut, I remembered SRK sang and danced acres of Malaysia’s land in his movie One 2 Ka 4 and kicked asses, shoot the daylight out off his enemies, sky dived, parachuted and landed in a Malaysian kampung in his movie Don.

That has indirectly promoted our country to the world and whether that deserved a Datukship is up to the Melaka State Government own prerogative.

And don’t forget, we have in our midst of Datuks, who do not deserved the title given to them and did anybody says anything?

By the rate the title Datuk is awarded annually, it has started to lose its appeal to the public. Just go round to the warung or  coffee shops and see how some of the guys greeted their friends or somebody older: "Hello, datuk !

So what's the fuss?

From 916 to 128.

Anwar has set a new seize power date from his "did not see the light 916 - September 16th" to December 8th which incidentally also happens to be my birthday.

I look forward to have a lot of presents for my coming birthday but "this birthday present" surely is not one of them.

Latest Update(12th October 2008): Now he said he will choose a suitable date and 128 does not necessarily have to be THE day.

09 October 2008

Mooo... Ini Ada Cerita Bodoh.

I thought I have seen and heard all the crazy and out of this world tales there is.

How wrong I was. There will be endless and endless stock of crazy tales to be told. Here is one of them and I pray that we will be spared from becoming like them.

Happy reading ... hahaha.

PETA suggests human-milk ice cream

By JOHN CURRAN Associated Press

Sept. 25, 2008, 9:38PM

WATERBURY, VT. — Mooove over, Holsteins. PETA wants world-famous Ben & Jerry's Homemade Ice Cream to tap nursing moms, rather than cows, for the milk used in its ice cream.

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals is asking the ice cream maker to begin using breast milk in its products instead of cow's milk, saying it would reduce the suffering of cows and calves and give ice cream lovers a healthier product.

Read more ...

Source : chron.com/News Bizarre

Image from: www.ken-finn.com

Dr Maza's Contract Ends at 1 December 2008.

It is now confirmed that the Perlis State Mufti, Dr. Asri Mohd. Zainul Abidin's contact will end on 1st December 2008. This is according to his latest posting here. Thereafter, he will go on a study leave. His frank and direct comments on some matters must have touched raw nerves somewhere.

Source: Minda Mufti

Puisi PEDAS Dr. Mohd. Asri Zainul Abidin.

(Klik pada gambar untuk bacaan yang lebih jelas.)

Berani, jujur, ikhlas dan tidak perlu bersembunyi di sebalik khiasan bahasa. Itu sahaja yang dapat saya komen tentang puisi terbaru Dr. Asri ini.

Saya amat tertarik pada rangkap kedua di mana alangkah baiknya jikalau terdapat lebih ramai lagi di kalangan para pemimpin kita yang berpendirian setegas beiau ini.

Oh ya! Jika pantun atau puisi dapat dikelaskan melalui deria rasa, maka saya kelaskan hasil karya beliau ini yang tersangat PEDAS.

Source: Minda Mufti

08 October 2008


While en route to Kota Kinabalu, we made a brief stop at Kundasang town to buy some highland veggies. I needed the respite too after a long drive.

Kundasang is a small town but what made it so popular to the locals and visitors alike are the vegetable stalls located on both sides of the road near the main entrance to the town proper.

Well, they used to sell vegetables previously but now they sell other stuff like flowers, some handuicrafts and local honey produced from cultured bee hives and also from hives of the unlucky wild bees.

Without these stalls I don't think anyone will take notice of this town except maybe for the few chalets and resorts located nearby.There is also a war memorial located nearby to commemorate soldiers killed during WW2.

The content of the yellow capped bottles are honey and bottles with the darker tone are honey from the wild.

Nowadays they sell petai too.

Kundasang and its nearby areas can proudly claim to have the highest number of bored piles retaining walls in the State.

Official Statements by Dr. Asri on his resignation.

Oleh kerana isu perletakan Jawatan Dr. Mohd Asri bin Zainul Abidin sebagai Mufti Perlis telah menjadi polemik, maka dengan ini dikeluarkan beberapa kenyataan rasmi;

  1. Isu ini diharapkan tidak dipanaskan lagi kerana beliau telah membuat keputusan dan surat beliau kepada USM untuk kembali bertugas telah pun dihantar dengan rasminya.
  2. Beliau juga berterima kasih kepada Negeri Perlis yang telah memberi peluang kepadanya sepanjang tempoh yang lepas.
  3. ‘Permainan silap mata politik’ adalah perkara yang biasa berlaku dalam negara ini, namun maksud tersebut tercapai dengan mudah kerana beliau sendiri mempunyai hasrat untuk berhenti.
  4. Terima kasih kepada Kerajaan Perlis yang lepas dan juga Pihak Istana Perlis yang selama ini memberikan ruang yang amat baik.
  5. Tanggungjawab dakwah dan seruan kepada kebenaran akan diteruskan seperti biasa.
  6. Perletakkan ini juga adalah bukti bahawa pandangan, teguran atau sokongan tidak bertujuan mendapat kedudukan dan jawatan.
  7. Beliau kemungkinan akan pergi membuat cuti penyelidikan di luar negara dalam masa yang terdekat.
  8. Ruang dakwah dan memberikan pandangan insyaAllah masih terbuka di masa hadapan dengan apa yang akan Allah permudahkan.
  9. Pandangan yang berpaksi prinsip sentiasa terpaksa membayar harganya, dan ini mungkin sebahagian daripadanya.
  10. Diharapkan mereka yang berjawatan yang sama selepas ini sentiasa memberikan pandangan untuk kebaikan imej Islam, rakyat dan negara.
  11. Beliau berdoa kepada Allah agar dalam tempoh dua tahun yang lepas semasa beliau bertugas sebagai mufti beliau telah berbuat sesuatu dalam pembinaan prinsip dan minda rakyat berasaskan kepada kefahaman dari al-Quran dan al-Sunnah.
  12. Kontrak muftinya akan tamat pada akhir Oktober 2008.
  13. Terima kasih kepada banyak pihak; rakyat dan pemimpin yang telah memberikan sokongan moral dan semngat yang begitu padu selama ini.

** Penjelasan rasmi daripada Mufti Perlis ini disediakan oleh webmaster drmaza.com
** Terima kasih.

Source: Minda Mufti

07 October 2008

Mufti Perlis: UMNO should form its own Religious Council.

UMNO will have to set up its own Religious Council (Majlis Ulama) as suggested by Dr. Asri Mohd. Zainul Abidin, the Perlis State Mufti to free and heal itself from its present situation or as in Dr. Asri's own words, "Satu hakikat yang sukar untuk dinafikan oleh sesiapa pun adalah UMNO pada hari ini begitu tenat dengan berbagai penyakit yang tidak putus mengunjungi tubuh parti itu".


Source:Minda Mufti

06 October 2008

Datuk Shaffie Apdal's Open House.

Datuk Shafie's Hari Raya open house was conducted on the 3rd of October which was on Friday. I almost gave up going as the road leading to his house was congested with traffics.

Still I was able to reach his house finally and got to wish him a Selamat Hari Raya and left 15 minutes later.

Police officers while controlling the traffic flow still found time to issue summons to offenders. It's Ops Sikap after all.

Section of the crowd on that day.

Datuk Shafie taking group photo with guests and well wishers.

05 October 2008

Semporna Town

Semporna is a medium sized town located in the Eastern part of Sabah.

It is here where I will spend my Hari Raya holiday on annually unless of course something crops up and I will have to miss it.

The pyramid shaped wet market.

Cars, cars. They are everywhere but 45% that plying the roads on daily basis are "pirate taxis" aka unlicensed taxis.

One of the ugly side of Semporna.

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